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Answers to your questions, if you don't find your answer. Please chat or email us!

Orders are dispatched from us within 18 hours, and under normal conditions, Sweden domestic orders will arrive within two working days. Orders shipped outside of Sweden will be delivered within 2-7 business days.

When your order is sent from our warehouse you will receive an email with a tracking link. If you didn´t receive your confirmation email, contact our Customer Support atwebshop@abbathemuseum.comor check your spam folder. 

It´s important to know the ecological footprint. We strive to put the environment first in every step of the process, from sourcing and materials to packaging. This can be the reason why most of our t-shirts are delivered without a plastic bag.

Outside of EU all customers need to pay domestic import- and tax fees. Different countries have different rules and rates regarding this, please check your domestic rules and regulations. ABBA The Museum is not responsible for domestic import and tax fees.


DHL Service Point - 79,00 SEK

Postnord MyPack Collect Ombud - 75,00 SEK

Postnord Varubrev brevlåda - 55,00 SEK

United Kingdom

Domestic post tracked - 10,00 GBP

FedEx Economy  - 11,00 GBP

FedEx Express - 22,00 GBP

UPS Express - 22.00 GBP

UPS Homedelivery - 14,00 GBP

EU (European Union)

DHL Parcel Connect Service Point - 149,00 SEK

Domestic post Tracked - 115,00 SEK

FedEx Express - 189,00 SEK

UPS Access Point - 129,00 SEK

UPS Express - 189,00 SEK

Europe non EU

Domestic post tracked - 130,00 SEK

FedEx Economy - 195,00 SEK

UPS Express - 229,00 SEK


Domestic post tracked - 2900 JPY

FedEx Economy  - 3600 JPY

UPS Express - 3500 JPY

North America

Domestic post tracked - 155,00 SEK

FedEx Economy - 195,00 SEK

FedEx Express - 229,00 SEK

UPS Express - 229,00 SEK


Domestic post tracked - 215 SEK

FedEx Economy - 255 SEK

FedEx Express - 419 SEK

UPS Express - 360 SEK

UPS Homedelivery 269 SEK

Rest of the world

UPS Homedelivery - 499,00 SEK

One or more articles on your order may be out of stock and this can lead to a small delay. Please contact Customer Support atwebshop@abbathemuseum.comor chat with us on our website if you haven’t received anything after the delivery period.

Our payment options are American Express, Maestro, Visa, or Mastercard. 

SSL encryption is used to handle your payment card number and signature codes.

Card numbers are not saved in our systems.

We cannot guarantee that a photograph accurately depicts the product. We make every attempt to accurately represent each product; nevertheless, if there are any discrepancies between the product image and the actual item, you may return it in accordance with our return policy.

When your order returns back to our warehouse, we will issue a refund for the articles, but not the shipping charges. We will not re-send your order.

This is due to handling costs and our environmental policies.

If you don´t receive a confirmation from the delivery company that your order has arrived within the delivery time, you must contact the delivery company as soon as possible or our Customer Support at webshop@abbathemuseum.com.

Once your order is in our system we are unable change, add or remove any article in the order. Once you receive your order, contact our Customer Support at webshop@abbathemuseum.com and we´ll help you with your return.