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Dancing Queen Necklace

Dancing Queen Necklace

Become the Dancing Queen
€42,22 EUR

Transform into a Dancing Queen with our exquisite ABBA Dancing Queen Logo Necklace. Crafted from premium titanium steel, this necklace exudes both elegance and durability, making it a timeless addition to your ABBA jewellery collection.

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Product details
Versatile ABBA Dancing Queen chain length ranging from 38 cm to 45 cm ensures the perfect fit for any neckline. Adorned with a charming small disco ball at the end of the chain, adding a touch of retro flair and sparkle. The iconic ABBA Dancing Queen logo, symbolizing the timeless magic of the ABBA disco era, is beautifully showcased on this piece.
Fabric and fit
Necklace made of Titanium, highly bio-compatible (non-toxic and not rejected by the body). Titanium is an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin, especially for those allergic to nickel, silver or gold.
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Dance like a queen, dress like a queen.

August 1976

This collection honors one of the greatest pop songs of all time – Dancing Queen.

Dazzling lights, electric crowd. The moment the first notes of "Dancing Queen" fill the air, you're swept away by the infectious rhythm, unable to resist the call to the dance floor. ABBA's Dancing Queen isn't just a song; it's an anthem of joy, freedom, and the sheer delight of being alive

Why Dancing Queen is the best pop song ever

August 1976

The ultimate feel-good track.

Frida comments on her first impression of the song in the biography ABBA – The complete guide to their music: “Dancing Queen is my favorite among the ABBA songs. I remember when Benny first played it for me. I thought it was so incredibly beautiful that I started crying”. Dancing Queen is today ABBA’s most-streamed song ever, with almost a billion streams on Spotify.


Dance like a queen, dress like a queen.