2024 Waterloo collection

When ABBA was about to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, Frida entered a fashion shop called Gröna Moln och Blått Gräs in Stockholm. There she met a woman called Inger Svenneke who worked in the store at the time.
Frida and Inger Svenneke together created colorful and original costumes for the Eurovision performance.

The Waterloo costumes are almost as iconic as ABBA themselves, and we are proud to say that this inspired our new 2024 ABBA Waterloo collection to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Waterloo.

Surrender yourself to the catchy lyrics of "wawawawawaterloo" with our off white ABBA Waterloo t-shirt and black ABBA Waterloo hoodie which features a new 70s vibe print. Both products are in unisex sizes and organic cotton.


Whether you're a dedicated ABBA fan or simply appreciate the timeless appeal of '70s fashion, our Waterloo collection offers a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. It's time to relive the magic of Waterloo and the spirit of Eurovision's golden era.

The ABBA Waterloo socks pay homage to Benny's iconic platform boots from the 1974 Eurovision song contest. Available in sizes M (Euro size 36-40) and L (Euro size 41-46).


This new 2024 Waterloo collection pays homage to the Swedish pop sensation's winning moment with an array of eye-catching ensembles that embody the spirit of "Waterloo."

ABBA Waterloo 3 pin set his set includes a boot pin, a star guitar pin, and a lyric pin, all measuring 3 cm and featuring a butterfly clutch for easy attachment to your bag or jacket.

The ABBA Sweden Brighton 1974 t-shirt features a classic design in Sweden's signature blue and yellow color scheme, manufactured in 100 % organic cotton.

We hope that you will enjoy our new ABBA Waterloo collection!