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299,00 kr
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Small in sizes, usually customers choose one size bigger than
what they usually wear.

A fabulous cat from the fabulous Frida gown. The pattern is the exact replica from the dress worn by Frida from the early 70’s. The original dress is exposed at the museum. This T-shirt is one of the first products in a series of Pop Cat products, exclusively developed and designed by Owe Sandström for ABBA The Museum. The story behind the design is told in a small pamphlet attached to the T-shirt.
Premium 100% cotton. Women slim fit. Short sleeve. Machine wash 40 C and tumble dry. ABBA The Museum official merchandise.

Size guide:

L: Length from the collar side and down
S: Shoulder to shoulder
C: Chest
W: Waist at the narrowest point

XS - L: 60 cm S: 34 cm C: 40 cm W: 36 cm
S - L: 67 cm S: 35 cm C: 40 cm W: 36 cm
M - L: 68 cm S: 37 cm C: 43 cm W: 38 cm
L - L: 69 cm S: 41 cm C: 45 cm W: 42 cm
XL - L: 70 cm S: 44 cm C: 52 cm W: 49 cm
XXL - L: 76 cm S: 54 cm C: 63 cm W: 61 cm
3XL - L: 79 cm S: 49 cm C: 58 cm W: 58 cm

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